Spring Break in Orlando – Pre Orlando

About a couple months back in the year I was sitting on the couch and talking with my mother and telling her about where I wanted to go for spring break and this year I really wanted to go to Orlando. A day after that while I was sitting on the chair at school  I saw this message from my mom and it was a picture of a travel itinerary  for our flight. I couldn’t believe it I didn’t think that it would really happen I was filled with happiness and joy, I just couldn’t wait for the trip. I  just love to go out and explore the world and you get such a great feeling when you go to a new country that you have never been in before, and you just want to go out explore and have fun and don’t forget to make new memories. As the months passed by slowly I was just counting down the days till I would leave and explore a new country. Once April was around the corner I had to start packing my suitcases for my trip and of course my sisters and father kept on telling me to pack light so that I would have space to buy stuff from Orlando and put them in my luggage and bring them back with me.

April 1,2015  5:15 am, I woke up from my beauty sleep and I rushed towards the bathroom to get dressed and brush my teeth to get ready for my flight. Once I was ready I closed up my suitcases and my Father loaded them up on to the car. Mother and I were then heading to the airport with my Father at 6 am. On the way to the airport Mother and I were chatting with Father and telling him what we will do once we get there in New York. Oops  did I forget to mention that in order to get to Orlando I would have to fly out to New York and stay their a night, and then take a flight out of New York to Orlando the next afternoon.  After a long 30 minute ride to the airport, we finally arrived there and checked in our bags to the plane at the check in counter. As always we  have to go to Starbucks because well who doesn’t love it, so after we checked in our bags Mother, Father, and I went down to Starbucks to have a couple of drinks. I had a hot chocolate and Father had a cappuccino while Mother didn’t want to drink anything so she just had water. IMG_3469

We headed into the gate at around 8:30 am as we waited it was finally time to board the plane at 11 am. I was beginning to get tired of waiting and I just couldn’t wait to take off and leave. Mother and I got on the plane and put our carry ons on the over head bin on top of our seats and sat down with our seat belts fastened waiting to take off. 12 pm we finally took off, throughout the flight I slept for a couple of hours watched tv on my ipad thanks to my sis Jumana (Jacqui) I was watching the Goldbergs and has anyone seen it if you haven’t then I recommend you to it’s super funny was laughing throughout the whole flight, and listened to some music on my iphone and my ipod. Of course I was very eager to get to New York to see my sister who lives there but unfortunately she was busy so we weren’t able to see her but that’s okay. As the hours went by slowly it finally was time to land and once we landed it was about 5 pm and chilly like 41 degrees Fahrenheit. We got off the plane got our passports stamped and collected our luggage from the baggage belt and hailed a taxi to head to our hotel. Our hotel was very close to La Guardia Airport because the next day we would take a flight  from New York to Orlando.

After a 30 minute drive from the airport to our hotel we finally arrived and we checked in our beautiful room and relaxed. It was about 7:30 pm when I was starting to get hungry and I asked Mother if I could order room service so I ordered a shrimp cocktail which by the way was very delicious but was a small portion wish that we got 2 of it but oh well, I also ordered a Caesar salad it was also yummy. While I was waiting for the food to arrive my Mother had fallen asleep and I started to feel very tired so I fell asleep. Of course I forgot all about the food and my Mom woke me up at 9pm telling me the food was here and I was so hungry so I got up and started to eat the shrimp cocktail and my caesar salad. While I was eating I was checking my messages and Instagram and decided to brush my teeth and go back to bed.Mother decided to do the same thing since we were both exhausted from our 14 hour flight from Kuwait to New York ( 14 hours I know what you are thinking and it was super exhausting).

We got up around 9 am and freshened up and got dressed and headed down to the lobby, Mother and I went into the hotels restaurant and decided to order some breakfast.I had some pancakes while Mom had eggs and toast we both had some orange juice and we sat in the restaurant for about half an hour. We talked to our family back home and sent them pictures since Dad was demanding we send them so he could see what we were doing  and feel like he is apart of the vacation. At around 11 am Mother and I zipped up our bags made sure nothing was missing and checked out of the hotel. Luckily for us there was a bus outside the hotel that would take you directly to your gate at the airport, So Mom and I got on the bus and the bus driver loaded up our luggage to the place where they put them. Finally, after a long and bumpy ride we reached our gate and got off the bus and the bus driver handed us our bags and we left to go and get our boarding tickets. We got our tickets and checked in our suitcases, then we headed for the TSA security check where while we were in line we saw a police dog who was sniffing our suitcases.After that we were asked to put our backpacks and carry-ons in buckets and take off our coats,laptops,shoes,and any liquids from our bags to the buckets. This process took us about 5 minutes tops, once we were done we headed to a restaurant and ate before our flight. We got on the plane at 2 pm and took off and Mother and I were on our way to Orlando. Stay tuned for the next post where I will include details about Orlando and what we did their.






Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo










Life Lesson about Success

Today I wanted to share with you a lesson that I have learned throughout my life, I was taught this at a young age. When I was in 2nd grade my sister showed me how to start planning and the importance of a planner. Since then I have kept on using a planner and never stopped, and I probably talk about planning and planners a lot but it’s very important for someone to have and use. My planner has brought me a lot of success recently because it keeps me organized in a nice and neat way. Throughout the last couple of years I may have slacked off in the planning department and become lazy in the way I plan, but recently last year I got back to where I wanted to be and used my planner the whole year. Planning doesn’t always have to be forced or be boring you can make it even more fun like I did this past year. Below are some planner from Erin Condren that are really amazing and keep you well organized also make sure to go and check them out at their website https://www.erincondren.com/ . On their website they show you how to use and organize your planner so be sure to take a look.




I brought a new planner since our school decided to stop giving us agendas, and needless to say I like mine way better than the school’s one. Having a planner is a great way to keep yourself organized and also for me I find it very fun. So really I advise you to get yourself a planner so that you can keep yourself organized, especially at school when you sometimes don’t write down what’s for homework and then you forget. A planner will help you with that so you don’t ask others or guess what’s for the homework. Therefore, I believe that in order for a person to become successful they must own a planner and use one so that they can keep themselves organized.

Love,  Miss Talks


Why I started Blogging

Many of you may wonder why I started blogging in the first place, and so in this post I will be talking about that and the reasons I began “Lujain Talks”. It all started back in 2010 September, so I was exactly 8 years old and I saw that my sisters had websites and it amazed me. So I began asking my eldest sister if she could start a blog for me so that I could write posts about my life and anything. She later then agreed and began creating my blog, of course the design that I had back then was totally different than what I currently have. If my memory serves me right I remember that the background was dark blue and in the center I had a rainbow and below it said “Lujain Talks”. Once it was up and running I was super excited to begin writing and posting like my older sisters.  So really if you think about it my family members were the ones who inspired me and lead me towards this path. Back then I became known as the youngest blogger in Kuwait and many people began to applaud me for writing and encouraging  me to do more. As my eldest sister Jacqui got invited to a lot of events here supporting bloggers she decided to bring me along with her. Many people were amazed at how small and little  I was and how it was so nice to see someone so young begin blogging. I instantly fell in love with this blog and I love writing here because it is like my own journal and I am sure that it is fun for you guys as well to read along on my journeys. As time grew on many people began to know me and I got invited to some events myself and had many wonderful encounters with other people and fellow bloggers. I am truly glad that I began this website back then because I can look back at all of my memories and see how much I have grown as a writer. Again this website truly means a lot to me and I am glad that I recently have started writing more again. It’s been a struggle to try and keep up with my blog as I got older and entered Middle School but I am hopeful that since I began High School that I will continue posting frequently.I really would like to thank everyone who helped me throughout this journey and I am super thankful for those of you who are reading my blog. As well as those who have been here since I first started my blog, here’s to more memories and posts. Thank you guys for reading and I really hope you enjoyed reading why I began this blog as much as I enjoyed writing this post.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

Happy 6 year Anniversary to “Lujain Talks”!!!!

Hey Everyone,

I have some really good news for you 6 years ago today I published my first post and started my website. Can you believe it’s been exactly 6 years since I first started this blog, it really has been a long time. I honestly really enjoyed these past 6 years a lot, it’s been super fun to just post my thoughts here and have you guys read them. I am really glad that recently I have begun posting more frequently so that all of you are able to read and hear about any of my thoughts,experiences,stories,etc. In the past I know that I haven’t been the one who posts a lot but I’m hoping that this year and the coming years I will post more. It’s truly been a fun and long  journey here at “Lujain Talks” I hope you all agree and enjoy my blog as much as I do. I really do enjoy sharing things here and letting you guys know about me and what I enjoy the most. Thank You to all of the readers here who read my blog and enjoy it a lot that they keep on reading and following my posts. Just would like to let you all know that in the future and coming months I will be trying my best at updating you guys with new content so that you can enjoy and read them. Hope you guys are all enjoying my blog and love my new design as much as I do, because as I look back a lot has changed here but the changes that have been made here are all good. Once again, thanks for being apart of my blog and I really do hope that you all enjoy and continue reading. Here’s to 6 years of “Lujain Talks” and hopefully many more in the future with more posts.

Love,Miss Talks xoxoxoxo


First Day of High School

August 28 marked the first day of my high school life, as of now I have only 4 years left till graduation. Can you believe it well I can’t but back to the story where was I. Well lets start back to the night before, half of me was feeling  excited and nervous I mean who isn’t nervous the day before school. So to calm my nerves and relax I decided I wanted to take a nice bath and use some facial masks and scrubs. It was a really nice bath and actually helped me not be super nervous and calmed me down. After my bath I headed down to my living room to have some dinner and then headed off to bed. So the morning of school I woke up at 5:15 am and started heading to the bathroom to get freshened up and ready for school. Now I know that many of you may be thinking that wow why do you wake up so early? Well I am used to it so it’s okay plus it’s like a 30 minute drive from my house to the school so yeah I got to leave early to arrive on time. Once I reached school at around 6:30 many people were beginning to arrive as well as my friends. It was a really exciting time to get to see my friends and catch up with them since we haven’t each other since before the summer. After my friends and I got to finish catching up, we were told by teachers to start heading towards the small gym for the freshmen orientation. Once we go in to the small gym and settled for orientation all the teachers were talking to us about high school and how it is. Then for the remainder of the time we spent going around the campus to see where our classes were. In my opinion, I honestly did not feel the purpose of this orientation besides the tour everything else to me was useless. You know, but that’s just my opinion maybe others felt another way about. Any who, after we finished with the orientation it was time to head to our classes. I had P.E and was glad that the entire period was spent talking instead of doing anything cause I’m really lazy on the first day and don’t want to do anything but go home and sleep. But I know I am not the only one who feels this way, I bet many people would agree with me no that topic. So after meeting all of my teachers it was time to go home, and boy was I glad to be going home :). It felt like it was a sense of relief leaving and being able to go back home and relax. Thankfully, I didn’t have much homework on the first day so I got to relax and chill. All in All, I had a pretty great first day but as I am writing this I can say I had a very crazy and hectic first week. But I made it 1 week down and so many more to go, but hey the eid break is just 5 days away 🙂 (yay).

Back To School 6

P.s: Thank You all so much for reading and being interested in my new experiences and journeys that I am and will encounter on throughout the next 4 years of my life. I also wanted to let you all know that I am going to be posting weekly on Thursdays (YAY!) and occasionally you may get 2 posts in the same week so stay tuned.

Love,Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

Goodbye, Fufu

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a really long time since we talked and today is an important day for my sister Fufu because she is going to be leaving to go to university. I am really sad that she is leaving because I am going to miss her and all her craziness, plus who else is going to pester me at home and make me do so many favors. Fufu if your reading this I would just like to let you know that I am really going to miss you and I won’t let anyone touch your stuff :P. I’m super excited for the journey that you have in front of you and I know that you will do so amazing where your going. I hope that this journey brings you happiness and joy and remember to always be happy and positive. I know I never say it that much but you really are my favorite sister because you have always been there for me. You always have and had my back during tough times and made look on the brighter side and helped me with my issues. I can only hope to do the same for you and always be there for you whenever you need me for anything. Thank you so much for helping me out and teaching me valuable lessons in life especially the importance of a planner. I love you so much Fufu and I am really going to miss you a lot, after all your the one who lead me to become addicted to Essie nail polishes and my life has never been the same since. I am gonna miss all of our car sing alongs I mean your the only one who raps along with me to Drakes songs. Oh and “Same Girl” those were some of the best times and memories of my life that we had together and I am so grateful that we had so many memories and such a strong bond. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope that you have a safe flight and hope that you enjoy your time in Oregon. Plus maybe one summer I will come over and spend it with you I love you so much Fufu.

Love,Miss Talks xoxoxoxo