Happy New Year 2014

Dear Blog-airy,

Today is the day we have all been waiting for it is January the first, why have we been looking forward to this day well it is because it is the New Year.New Year is all about, new life, new friends, everything is basically new that is the best part of it, because if you made a lot of mistakes in 2013 then in 2014 you can reflect on them and fix some of your mistakes. My favorite part of  the New Year  is that My Birthday is coming soon yay February the fifth keep it marked on your calendars people  February 5 LujainTalks Birthday, Thank you all.

I hope you enjoy the New Year and all my wishes and hopes go out to you.Have an Amazing 2014 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Thank You all for being with me in 2013 reading my posts , commenting , and making me feel awesome.

Bye Bye!!!


Book Review : ‘The Middle School Years’

Dear Blog – airy,

So Lately I have been reading a book called “The Middle School Years: Get Me Out of Here” by James Patterson.  In this book which I am currently reading there is this boy named Rafe, he is the  main character who is a 6th Grader. He just moved from a village where people loved him and he was so popular.  In the next minute Rafe was in the car driving to live in a new city with his Grandmother, Mother, and Sister. Rafe was later enrolled in a new school which he hated as soon as he entered because everyone was being mean to Rafe. They laughed, teased, and talked behind his back.

This reminds me of  last year when I was in Grade 5 how two girls used to bully me and tease me, laugh at me, and talk behind my back. Then my friends back stabbed me and joined the bullying. But in the end  my real friends and I back stabbed the bullies and they were feeling the pain of the mighty Lujain Talks and not to mess with her.

Three things I learned from my past are not to talk back to bullies,  be strong, and face the bullies.I enjoyed reading this book and will be continuing as I head to bed.Hope you Blog- airy have a nice holiday and a GOOD NIGHT !!!!!!!!

xo xo,

Miss Talks (aka Lujain Talks)