Lush Haul Valentines Day Collection 2017

Last weekend I had visited my local lush store at the avenues and had been waiting to go there since the new collection dropped. Seeing what was up on people’s Instagrams of these new products made me super excited to grab some of those new bath bombs. It just so happened to be the weekend that I was celebrating my birthday so I had told my family that I would like to go to the Lush store and get a couple of new products as my birthday gift. So after I had some lunch I went to lush with my family and picked up some nice products and the displays tempted me to buy more but I had to limit myself. I picked up th Lovestruck bubble bar, Unciorn horn bubble bar, Rose bombshell bath bomb, Lover Lamp bath bomb, love you lots soap,and the latest lip scrub called The Kiss.



All of those bath products smell delicious and look even better. Trust me when I say that they are really nice and you would be satisfied with your purchase. I will leave you all with some pictures of what I bought and a tour of the avenues Lush store. Thanks for reading about my lush haul.


My Fifteenth Birthday

The Day was February 5th,2017 with the clock being at 12:00 am when I turned 15. My morning began with the sound of my alarm ringing as loud as it could at 5:10 am and it being a Sunday you all may know the drill. In a short summary it was get up go to the bathroom, brush teeth, and get dressed. Surprisingly I managed to accomplish that in 15 minutes which is great for me. After getting dressed I put my hair up in a high ponytail and then put on my 2 jackets. Side note: Have you all noticed how it has gotten much colder here in Kuwait well I have and it sure is starting to take a toll on me, but hey at least it’s not really hot. Any who, back to where I was aah I remember heading down the stairs when it was about 5:30am to the kitchen. Surprisingly I was in a really happy and upbeat mood compared to all the other days of the week where I practically have to drag myself out of bed. So it felt good to feel good if that makes any sense. After having my breakfast nothing special just the same old meal. I put on my bag and headed to the car where I went to school at around 6am. After a 30 minute drive to school I finally arrived and couldn’t wait to see my friends. Upon arrival I started heading up the stairs of the school heading towards the bench in which I usually sit in. As I got to the last step I saw some of my friends at the bench waiting to wish me a happy birthday. Many more began arriving afterwards and they all had given me kind wishes for my birthday which was very sweet and kind. Some of them even got me gifts which was really sweet of them. As the rest of the day went on I continued with a normal day but I had a different mindset and was a bit more goofy in some classes but who isn’t and who was to say that I’m not like that at times even when it is not my birthday.

My Birthday Cake

After the School day had ended I proceeded to go home and had my lunch and did my homework. But this time at 5:00 on the dot my mother had insisted that our whole family be together for a surprise. Which believe it or not turned out to be endless videos of me from my old I mac singing to the camera on photo booth with other very embarrassing moments. To me it was very sweet and funny but also cringe worthy. But I really did appreciate it Thanks Mommy love you❤❤. Although some of you may wonder what I did the weekend of my birthday and it actually was a really fun and relaxing weekend. I spent most of it with my family and one day we went to the avenues to have lunch and then my parents brought me some really nice stuff from Lush and Bath and Body Works which was amazing and I loved that a lot. The day after I had went to my grandmas house for our usual Saturday lunches and celebrated my birthday with my cousins and relatives.All in all, I would like to say that it was a pretty successful birthday filled with love, family, joy, and laughter, Thank You All for reading my post hope you enjoyed it 😃😃.

Places I want to Travel in the Future

As the year has just begun I thought that it would be a great idea to discuss some things about the future and in specific the places that I want to visit in the upcoming years. Not this year though I’m taking a bit of a travel break so I could plan out where I would want to go for vacation. I have always been  the type of person who loves places with such wonderful sights and views such as tropical places. A couple of places that I want to travel to discover the country’s may include: Greece, Hawaii, Milan, California, and the Bahamas. Since my last couple of vacations have mainly been to New York and Orlando I think it would be a great idea for my next trip to be more of an adventurous trip then a trip solely based on shopping. One thing that I love the most about the tropical islands is the beauty of nature and the island. I love when I can see how beautiful the sunset’s are in those tropical islands that  showcase nature’s beauty.

Places like Greece and Hawaii are more of those types of places that I was talking about that really have beautiful views. Those places are really nice to go and see so that you are able to explore the country’s culture and traditions and witness all of the country. I want to know what places do you all want to visit in the future and why? I said that I liked the tropical islands the most because those kinds of trips are meant for more adventure than shopping which is fun to do but it’s more fun to experience things you haven’t experienced in your life before. I know this was a short post but I will be back on Thursday with another post that may be a bit longer with different content that may interest you all.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo


Midterms Finally Over

Hey everybody,

How’s it going? Good I hope. Well for me it’s been pretty great and crazy at the same time. I have just finished taking my midterms yesterday which were really stressful and required a lot of studying. So that’s why I’m kind of tired and exhausted because I just took some really hard exams. But don’t fear I am back to blogging and will continue my normal schedule once February begins and you will have a whole lot of posts. I missed blogging and talking to you guys I hope you felt the same way, I’m glad that I have more time now to continue blogging and creating new content for you all to read regularly. Also on another note you guys will be getting a birthday post soon on my actual birthday Feb 5. I’m sure you all already have it marked on your calendar (just kidding).

Any who, I’m thinking that most of you were thinking about my midterms and how they were well some were pretty easy and some were really complex. But I’m just glad to have them over and that I have tried my hardest in studying for them. But now today marks the day that my first semester in ninth grade is over and I can’t wait to start off on a clean and fresh slate for the second semester. Let’s hope things get much easier this semester but they may not who know I will just have to wait and see. Thank you all, for reading my post and I hope your glad I am back to posting as much as I am.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

Happy Late New Year!!!

Hey Guys, Happy New Years. Can you believe that it’s already 2017 well I can. I am really glad that 2016 is over so that everyone can have a fresh start. Speaking of New Years I’m sorry this post is late but it was because I spent my New Year in NYC. What a wonderful way it was to ring in the new year, the city was beautiful even more this time of the year. Speaking of NYC I forgot to tell you guys that’s where I went to during winter break this year. Don’t worry though new posts will be coming up soon I promise you guys. Sorry that I didn’t post a lot during December but it was because I had caught a really bad flu that then turned into a virus. Which was the absolute worst and lead me to missing about three days of school, which I mean was nice but if i weren’t sick it would have been better.


So I literally was sick for a whole week and by the end of that week I had to hop on a plane to NYC which was really hard to do because I was extremely sick but thankfully I managed it. I just wanted to update you guys and let you know the next two weeks there wont be any posts due to my midterms( ugh I know I hate them too):p. But after I take them I assure you that I will be going back to my normal posting schedule and adding a couple more posts here and there. I hope you guys all enjoyed this update post and can’t wait to begin posting more this year. Here’s to more blog post’s, Thanks for reading everyone.


Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

Skin Care Routine

Hey everyone how’s your weekend going so far? Well mine is great and I’m just loving this weather were having how about you? But with this cold weather comes a result of dry skin and if your skin is already dry you have to start hydrating it so that it doesn’t become overly dehydrated. Throughout this year I have been developing a Skincare Routine that helps a lot with my skin especially since I am one who is prone to dry skin. So I normally use my skin care products with my morning and night routine but I follow through with the night routine more that the morning. I mean whose gonna wake up early in the morning and put on moisturizer and what not, but you still should because its important but don’t beat yourself up too much if you don’t use the products during the morning. For the past couple of months I have been using this skin care brand called Simple and it is such a natural brand that I love using. The products that I love the most are the moisturizing facial wash, and the foaming facial cleanser. They both are really good and they both are easy to use and are really quick and fast to use and clean your face. The foaming one is actually really fun to use and is effective being applied by both your hands and a cleansing device( which I have written about before).

Image result for simple foaming wash


Image result for simple moisturizing facial wash

Another must have product is the soap and glory Facetime box and it has some really amazing products that are really great for your skin. The box includes so Face wipes that don’t have any harsh chemicals in them. There also is a “puffy eye attack” mini jar which contains a “turbo hydra gel booster” for your under eyes and is seriously the best under eye cream I ever used. It’s perfect for getting rid of puffy eyes and the bags under your eyes. In the box also is a lip balm called “smooch operator” and I seriously love the lip balm it’s so nice and feels really moisturizing on your lips without drying them out. It’s also one of the best lip balms that I have ever used and it also has a really nice glossy finish to it. The last item in the box is a translucent spf moisturizer called “Feel Good Factor” it is a really light moisturizer that is nice to use but I personally found other moisturizers that I loved more over this one but this is really good if you spend a lot of time out in the sun and need a lightweight moisturizer.



Puffy Eye Attack™

Smooch Operator™


An essential product for me during winter or anytime really to protect my skin is moisturizers and I will talk about a couple that I love and use frequently. I tried the Lush moisturizer called “Imperials” and it was a really nice moisturizer because of the amount of hydration it offered to my skin. The great thing about the moisturizer is that it’s for combination skin and it’s perfect for anyone if they are confused or unsure whether they have dry or oily skin. I also have recently purchased a hydration serum by Thalgo here in Kuwait and while it was a bit pricey it really works in hydrating your skin and clears up any spots you have. It was called “Absolute Rehydrating Serum” and I am currently using it as my moisturizer so that I could be able to see if it made a difference to my skin and it really has. I have been using it for a month and I am really glad that I chose to try it out because it really offers extra hydration for my skin cause I have really dry skin this is perfect. It can also be used on a morning and nightly basis.

Image result for thalgo absolute rehydrating serum


So there you guys have it these are the products that I love to use daily that help keep my skin the way it is and make it even better. Giving you a nice and natural glow while hydrating and clearing up your skin. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that you check out some of these skin care products if you’re not sure what to use or if you’re looking for an alternative to your current skin care products. As always have a nice day and enjoy your weekend.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo