I’m Back

Hey everybody, I am back to blogging I know that its been a long time since my last post and well the fact is that I was busy during the last couple months of the school year. Any who since then I have started the summer and am 3/4 ways through the holiday. I have spent the summer chilling and unwinding from a stressful year filled with school work and I accomplished that my literally binge watching show after show and boy were they some amazing shows ( reviews will be coming soon along with my recommendations). I also spent the summer by completing my summer assignment for my honors english class. All in all, I think that it has been a pretty great summer though I am sad for it to be coming to the end slowly but surely. But don’t worry the next coming weeks I am going to be back to posting more regularly and frequently. So that’s all for now but don’t fear Lujaintalks will most definitely be back to posting more for the remaining duration of the end of the year.


Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

Thought of the Day: “We see what We Want”

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I haven’t been posting in a while but it has been a busy couple of weeks, March was a very busy month in school and it didn’t allow me much of free time to be able to post something up here. But don’t fear I will make up for all those lost posts that I should have posted the last 3 Thursdays. Any who back to my current ideas and thoughts,  I thought that it would be a good idea to come up with Thoughts of the day and write what I feel about those thoughts. I feel like this is a great idea because I could just discuss what I think and allow you guys all to experience my thoughts with me. A couple of days ago I was sitting in my room listening to some music and I was just relaxing while I glanced over at my motivation board and saw the words “We see what We Want” immediately thoughts began to enter my mind about how I felt about that phrase.

I believe that one of the true messages that were meant to be portrayed by this phrase is that in life we as humans always have a way of seeing what we want to see not what we need to see. That is a big issue because no one can go through life seeing what they only want to see they need to come out of their small bubble and see what really is going on. They need to see what life is really like because to many that many be all happy and cheerful but to others it may not be at all in fact it may be the exact opposite. On another hand, this phrase may mean a variety of things an example is that we may see things that we want to have. Not what we need to have or what we already currently have but we want to have. We always envision things that we may want but don’t need, instead we must do the exact opposite and envision what we need to what we want. Therefore, I believe that all of us shouldn’t look at life through the way that we want to see life as instead the way we need to see it. Thats all folks for my thought of the day I hope you enjoyed hearing some of my thoughts and that they provided you a beneficial lesson in some way.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

Book Review: “If I Fix You” By: Abigail Johnson

A while back while I was on my winter break and I had traveled to the states I purchased a couple of books from Barnes and Nobles. 2 weeks ago I picked up one of those books called “If I Fix you” and had a quite pleasant time reading it so I thought that I would share a couple of my thoughts and opinions of it. Well first off let me start by saying that the author did a wonderful job writing this story and the message that was put behind it was conveyed very well throughout the story. This story was about a 17-year-old girl who had a great life until one day something unexpected happened that turned her life around for the worse. It practically teared apart her family and her friendships with her once closest friends. But then she realized that this is life and that is what happens and that there are many obstacles that you have to go through before it gets better. The main message that was revealed in the story is that before you can fix any thing you must fix yourself before any one else, because only then will things start to get better in your life . Overall this was one of my favorite books and I want to applaud the author for writing such an amazing book with an amazing message that revealed the moral of the story and that showed what people really go through sometimes. This shows everyone that it really does get better in the end whatever you go through but it always starts off with fixing your self.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

Life Lesson: You need to be your own best friend

Good Afternoon Everyone,

How are you all doing? Great I hope cause that’s how I’m currently feeling. Well remember when I recently wrote a blog post about a life lesson. I thought it might be a great idea to keep on creating similar posts to that so that you all can benefit from what I have learned throughout my life till this day. So continuing on my Life Lessons today’s lesson will be about learning to become your own best friend. I know some of you may think that being your own best friend is sad and like going to make you become a loner. But the truth is that it won’t make you become a loner. It doesn’t mean that your really lonely you can still have best friends those who are closest to you. In fact I do the same thing I have 2 really close friends and I hang out with them a lot but also I am my own best friend aside from my actual best friends. Think about it when you are your own friend you know that you can never do anything to hurt your own feelings or break your trust. Because you will never be able to let yourself down.One thing I have learned throughout this life is that you will only be there for yourself, whether you are sick or feeling down or annoyed at anything. You will always be there to help yourself out, because you need to know one thing and that is to help yourself out. Nobody will help you but you I know you may have family and friends but you will know what’s best for you and what you need to do. Aside from yourself, your family are also important people who can help you out during the tough times but when they can’t be there for you have to be there for yourself. Think about it when your off to college or are living abroad and you’re alone you will be the only person there to help you out. That’s what need to understand because it is the truth. It’s not a bad thing to be your own best friend in fact it is a great thing because you can yourself what ever you want to be or feel. I always enjoy being my own friend because I always do things that make me feel happy. Like you can always have some time alone for yourself for example I love taking baths and reading books and when I do that I always enjoy it and being around myself. Because you are always the one in control of yourself and can even change your moods. When I’m around myself I always can make myself feel positive and try to make myself more better. With people sometimes they bring negative energy around you which isn’t the best thing to be surrounded by. But with yourself you can always be surrounded by positivity, so I advise you readers reading right now to go ahead and at least try for a day to be your own best friend. Then see how that feels and if it changes your life for the positive. You can still do that and have friends it doesn’t mean that you have to isolate yourself from everybody cause you shouldn’t unless you like to. Bottom is that you will always be there for yourself and you are the best friend for yourself.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

Nature’s Beauty captured through my phones camera

What is beauty? Well some may say that it is found within you through your heart and soul. Whilst, some may say it is found in the most ordinary things. But I believe that beauty is found in Nature, and that beauty helps change every ones outlook on life because of the perspective that it is viewed from. I believe that the whole world has an extreme amount of beauty but many fail to see that. Throughout my winter break last year I had visited New York and Orlando and with that vacation had come an entirely new perspective on nature’s beauty. Through the photos that I had captured on my phone, So I wanted to showcase and share the beauty of the world. But on another note let us all keep on talking about nature’s beauty. What does nature’s beauty mean to you as a human being living in this beautiful world. Beauty demonstrates certain aspects of the world and the people living amongst it. I for one am a true believer that everything and one is beautiful, nobody should fix those flaws that they feel break them apart but they must embrace those flaws. For what they are is true beauty and showcasing the beauty from within the heart and soul. After all, nature’s beauty is the best kind of beauty, for it can show many things throughout this world. Well I will leave you all with my beautiful photo’s that showcase natures beauty.

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

Lush Haul Valentines Day Collection 2017

Last weekend I had visited my local lush store at the avenues and had been waiting to go there since the new collection dropped. Seeing what was up on people’s Instagrams of these new products made me super excited to grab some of those new bath bombs. It just so happened to be the weekend that I was celebrating my birthday so I had told my family that I would like to go to the Lush store and get a couple of new products as my birthday gift. So after I had some lunch I went to lush with my family and picked up some nice products and the displays tempted me to buy more but I had to limit myself. I picked up th Lovestruck bubble bar, Unciorn horn bubble bar, Rose bombshell bath bomb, Lover Lamp bath bomb, love you lots soap,and the latest lip scrub called The Kiss.



All of those bath products smell delicious and look even better. Trust me when I say that they are really nice and you would be satisfied with your purchase. I will leave you all with some pictures of what I bought and a tour of the avenues Lush store. Thanks for reading about my lush haul.