another story is called The girl who love s lollipops

Once upon a time  there was  a  girl  called lujain . She loved lollipops .  We don’t  know why Lujain  loves  lollipops.Maybe Lujain loves lollipops  cause  there tasty  and small .  But  then one day Lujain didn’t take one lollipop not even  a single bite.  hmmm we don’t know why she didn’t . We think that Lujain stoped eating  lollipops cause she didn’t feel like to eat one or take a  lick  out of the  lollipop . But then we found  out  why  .   She didn’t  eat a lollipop cause she  changed her mind   in stead Lujain ate fruits .   THE  END   

Lujain Talks Reporting Redbull’s Flugtag 2010

I hope you enjoyed my movie so much you ll find out how old I am . Thank you so much for watching lujain talk s reporting Red bull Kuwait 2010 in Marina Mall crescent . I hope you write comment s and I will read them every day and hope fully I will make new movie s .

Hi I want to tell you about some thing

Okay  so  this  week  is full of  test  s  except  Tuesday  . So  yesterday  I  had  a math  test  .It  was  chapter  2  test  . So  I  studied  hard  that  when  my  teacher  called  me  lujain  .I went  and  when  I  saw  my  test  grade  I  was  happy  I  got  92 percent    

About my weekend

Hello  this  weekend  I  went  to  the   scientific  center  with  my  dad .  So I put  toast  for  the  bird s  and  they  didn’t  come   .  Then  I went  to  feed  the  fish  when  I  threw  toast  they   were  fighting  over  it.  And  I  found  three  bones  of  sue  the  dinosaur .  And   I  went  to  a place   to   buy  me  a bag  it  is  red  and  has  wheel s .
in the parking lot
scareyy cat
birds lunch   time
fish   eat  toast
i  eat  burger king
me and sue
sue’s bones
getting   ready  to find sue
i found    one
i  found   two
i found   many sue bones
Sue  discovery  dig field certificate
getting help   from my cousins
nice to    meet you    sue
thank  you     DADdy