DADDY  DON’T  FORGET  TO  BRING   ME  COLORFUL    HAIR  ACCESSORIES   T  SHIRT  PANTS  AND SHOES OH  DON’T FORGET  A  SNOW GLOBE  FROM  MILAN  DAD   GIRL S  HAS  DAD  EVER  done  this  to you  well  tell  me   all  of  you  read  my  blog   always   write   new  comments  please   do that   okay  please  please.  IF YOU DON’T  I WILL GET MAD.     


  1. ak.   •  

    This Dad from Milan
    I will buy you every thing in the shopping list you will have them when I come back home .
    I will let you you when I go shopping I will send photo before I buy for you.
    Love you
    Dad – Milan
    Day 1

  2. Mom   •  

    mom said
    why all of this stuff lulu
    just one thing

  3. Lujain   •  

    mommy come on let me get more then one thing

  4. Jacqui   •  

    Yes Daddy always brought us gifts from his trips he brought us clothes though and no snow globes.

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