Hi Today I went  to avenues   ate pizza hut  .  Then  I  Went  To   Office Depot  With My cousin .  And  Then  I Went  To fantasy world . And Then I Went To baroue And After That We Went To Carrefour  . At Last We  Went  To AUNTIES  House.


  1. Najeebah   •  

    Did you buy anything from Fantasy World?

  2. Jacqui   •  

    Yes she bought a nice bag that she can color on and design the way she wants.. it's pretty I have a picture of it.

    She also bought gogos from Baroue it's a new obsession with the kids nowadays.

    Lulu you didn't describe much next time try to describe what you did.

  3. Fattee   •  

    Good job girl. You always do a wonderful job of capitalizing your sentences, you are such a superstar. Just remember to always capitalize proper nouns…things like the names of restaurants and places (Avenues!)and people's names and things like that. Love you.

  4. ak.   •  

    I love you and miss you lulu
    I will be back on the 21st of Oct
    I read you blog every day
    nice work
    i like your bag

  5. Fatima   •  

    Hi Lujain! Your sister, Juju, showed me your blog and I LOVE it! You have so many pretty photos and I like hearing what you did during the day.

    I have a question for you =) Juju says you bought gogos from Baroue. What are gogos?

  6. Mom   •  

    mom said

    will this time you get a bigger school back.
    i'll like it.
    good luck honey

  7. Fatima   •  

    Yay! Thanks! I look forward to reading about them =)

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