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TODAY  When  I  Went  To  School    I  Learned   About   Supper  Sentence.  And   In   Social  Studies  I Learned   About  Communities   I   Can   Name   The   Three  City s  . They  Are   Called   Urban   SUBURBAN   Rural  .   And   Tomorrow   We        Are    Going   To   Have   A  Social   Studies   Quiz   .  It s   Going   To   Be   Easy   My   Teacher  Told  Us   Not   To   Worry   About   Are   Quiz.  Bye.   I   Am  Going   To   Have    Picture  Day   Tomorrow   Are   Teacher   Said     Not   To   Wear   Black   Only  Red , Yellow  , Green    And  Blue  .  I  Am  Going   To  WEAR   A  Pink  Dress  .  Now   I  M   Going   To   Shower   My   Hair   bye    BYE    BYE    BYE    BYE  .


  1. Jacqui   •  

    Hope you have an awesome Picture day babes :*

    Also it's OUR and not ARE 🙂

    But great job writing this time.

  2. ak.   •  

    Hi Lujain
    I like your post today
    its very nice
    love you

  3. Mom   •  

    said mom
    wow that would be nice honey , i hope you do good as your exam too.

  4. Najeebah   •  

    SMILE BIG!!!!!

  5. Fatima   •  

    Hi Lujain, good luck on your quiz. I am sure you will do great! Thank you for sharing what you have learned =)

  6. Fattee   •  

    Thanks for teaching me something about communities. Your blog posts are becoming very nice and informative. That means they share good information with people. And please don't capitalize all the words in your sentences. Only the first!! Love you sweetie.

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