This Is A Story

Once  opon  a   time  there   was   a  girl   who  was  named .   Lujain  when  she  grew  up.  She  wanted   to  be   a  teacher  .  she  wanted   to teach  math,  science  ,  and   geography  .   And   she   wanted   to  give  swimming  lessons  and . The   most  part  is  that   she  loved  MUSIC.   It  was   her  favorite   .  She  loves  kid  s   she  is   kind,  friendly  ,  and  cute.So   one  day   MS. Lujain  was  teaching    math  about  money  then  there  was  a  knock  at  the  door  .   She  said come  in  guess  who  it  was  Starbucks they told  her  . That  she  can   buy   any  thing   from  Starbucks  .For   free  and  she  was  happy  .  That  she  called  her  friend s   and  they  where  happy  too.        


  1. ak.   •  

    nice story Lujain
    Love you

  2. Jacqui   •  

    very nice story and I love how you wrote everything perfectly!

    Amazing job Lujain love you pumpkin!

  3. Mom   •  

    Mom Said
    Nice story we all like it , but you told me you want to be a super star like Googoosh , did you change your mind .

  4. Fattee   •  

    WOW I am amazed. I think this is one of the best paragraphs you have written. It has beautiful sentences, capital letters, a main idea and supporting sentences. Girlfriend you are becoming TOO SMART!! I'm so proud of you. Keep up the good work in school!. Love!!

  5. Ms. Reeves   •  

    Wow you really must be a teacher because you know how we teachers looooooove our coffee! If Starbucks actually came in and said that to me, I might just fall over and die. Oh and of course I would share with Ms S 😉

    Ms. Reeves

  6. Mom   •  

    Mom said:
    i am prod pf her ,she is doing her best effort to get there and wish her best luck.
    Thanks lujain for 100% in math.

  7. Dana   •  

    Lujainiiii! I hope to get a skype call from you today Thursday!! I miss you MADLY and this post makes me want to buy SEVEN cups of starbucks coffee and share only one cup with you hehe:*

    PS. You are my mathematician I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU

  8. Najeebah   •  

    Great story Lulu!! <3 I can't wait to read more. You write so good!!

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