another story is called The girl who love s lollipops

Once upon a time  there was  a  girl  called lujain . She loved lollipops .  We don’t  know why Lujain  loves  lollipops.Maybe Lujain loves lollipops  cause  there tasty  and small .  But  then one day Lujain didn’t take one lollipop not even  a single bite.  hmmm we don’t know why she didn’t . We think that Lujain stoped eating  lollipops cause she didn’t feel like to eat one or take a  lick  out of the  lollipop . But then we found  out  why  .   She didn’t  eat a lollipop cause she  changed her mind   in stead Lujain ate fruits .   THE  END   


  1. Najeebah   •  

    Wo Lujain is so smart not to eat lollipops because fruits are so much better!!!

  2. Fattee   •  

    Awesome. You are my little nutritionista 😉 now you need to take pictures of what TYPES of fruit you eat so you can show us all the colorful fruits you eat!
    Love you, f.

  3. ak.   •  

    I like your story
    I also eat healthy food like you.
    love you

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