I Went Out

Today  I   went  to  jarir  bookstore    I    bought  this  thing  its  called  sand   art  i  love   it  i  made   two  one is  a  bird  and  a  fish   .   I   like  them   so   much   they   are   so  so  so  so  so  so  so  so  so  so    cool  cool  cool   cool  cool  cool  cool  cool cool  cool    .   I  love  sand  art   is   amazing  . 
this  is  the  fish
this  is  the  fish  and  bird
this  is   the   bird


  1. Jacqui   •  

    Next time write about your whole day, how we went to chilis, ,then auntie's then jarir and finally home. How you got a billion books to read over winter break and all of that 🙂

    But nice sand art.

  2. Fattee   •  

    Coool, the best sand art is the one we made together and then it broke remember?!

  3. ak.   •  

    Lujain you should write more
    every week you should write a summary of what happend at school,and with Jacqui
    love you

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