Hi, I’m back

Today  I  woke  up  in  the  morning  at  9:00 ‘o clock  am   to  my  favorite  sister  asking  me if  I  would join  her  for breakfast  at  my  grandma’s  house  .  But   then  I  decided   not  to  go  because    I   was feeling tired.  I   am  writing  this  post   because  my  gadget  sister  who  is  sitting  on the  lazyboy  recliner  has not allowed me  to watch Gilmore  Girls  and she was the one who made me love the show so much.

Lately  I have  beaten  my  beautiful  sister   in a  game called  UNO  .   Every time   I    play  UNO  with  dandoona  my  sister  I  beat  dandoona  because  I   pass out  28  cards  for both of us and I always happen to have a +4 cards in my hand . She will be here for the next week and I will continue forcing her to play UNO before bedtime every night.   I  also  always  trapped  her in  the  bed  by kicking  her  which  probably  makes  her  angry  .     
I   am  excited   for  Friday  cause  I  will  get  to  go  to  see  my  auntie  in her  house  . And  also  I  get  to  see  my  cousins  and  their  dad  .  See you later alligators!


  1. Jacqui   •  

    Finally you wrote something oh well at least your excuse is that you were on Winter Break but okay now you can watch Gilmore Girls, next you have to read at least two books tomorrow from the ones I bought you.

    Great post overall, now be a good girl and stop being lazy! Love you Lujs!

  2. Fattee   •  

    Wow, best post ever!!!!! Nice job girlfriend! I will post lots of stuff about New York tomorrow so you can read my blog & put some comments too okay!! Love u, F.

  3. ak.   •  

    Yes I like what you did Lujain keep up the good work
    love you

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