I decided to be a singer

I now  decided  to be a   singer when I grow up . I will tell you why  I want to be a singer . I want to be  a singer  cause I can sing  any  song . For example  Hussain al jasmi song al jabel it starts  like this mafi mafi mni yasr shof al jabal ygif . Plus  I   have  so  many songs  that I love  . like  rihanana whats  my  name  only girl in  the  world  jessie j  do it like a dude .


  1. Mom   •  

    Mom Said
    what do mean be a singer while your daddy is paying for your school , after all of this effort you want to be a singer.


  2. Jacqui   •  

    Do u want to be like Justin Bieber and be famous at 13 hehehe but then u will be too rich for us :p

  3. Dana   •  

    update your blog silly, i love you!

  4. Auntie   •  

    Wow! I think you and Easa will make a cool band! With you as the lead singer and him playing his guitar, we should have a party …yaaay


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