I met Yehya with Zain and some bloggers

I was invited with my sister to have lunch with “Yehya” and some bloggers by Zain. He showed us some pics he took with celebs and told us stories . He met over a thousand celebrities ” Yehya ” also met shakira and rihanna and selena gomez and many more celebrities .

I also met with Ansam518, His from His and Hers Blog, 7ajidude.com, Mubarak from hikuwait.com, Q8Stig, and some Zain staff. We had a lovely lunch at Pizzeta in spoons.

Thank you Zain for inviting Jacqui and me.


  1. Fattee   •  

    WOW that's super cool!! I'm glad you finally decided to post! I miss your blogging little lady. Love ya!!

  2. Jacqui   •  

    It was fun! And we got to meet nice people too!

    I'm also glad that you blogged again! It's been ages!

    P.S. Fufuwa, Lujain blogged using Blogpress on the iPad2 she loved it so much especially how easy it is to add photos and write so fast that she is promising to write at least 1 post a day this entire week. I am going to hold her to that promise.

  3. Ansam518   •  

    Lujain! You are TOO CUTE! Do you know that? I was so happy to meet you xoxo

  4. Mom   •  

    Mom Said
    Lujain yo doing a good job . keep going may be one day i will be a mother of a famous artist


  5. Mom   •  

    Mom Said
    And i will be a rich mom because i will be your private financial manager

  6. Mubarak Esmail   •  

    Nice to meet you Lujain
    I like your blog, keep blogging & you'll be one of the famous blogs in the Middle East.
    if you need any help please don't hesitate to contact me 🙂

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