I am excited for my Dad to come

So sunday 11:30 my dad will arrive in Q8 . I am very excited to see him cause he brought me lots of things and I have been waiting for him to come usually I make welcome back signs but this time I don’t know what to make a sandwich . Hey thats an idea I could make my dad a sandwich it needs to be a special sandwich for him cause he is the best father in the whole wide world maybe I could make dad a tuna cheeses and boiled egg sandwich mmmm.I should make him dinner massage him do his feet talk to him and do many more things I cant wait I love him so much .


  1. Mom   •  

    Mom said:
    you are the best child how nice of you to do that for dad, but when i am away you never do that for me. Why
    hehehe a hard one!

  2. Jacqui   •  

    I am excited too that daddy is coming home yaaay!

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