The hockey matches go wild

So I am going to tell you about hockey matches are wild for me when I play. Today I played hockey matches wild with my cousins and auntie.It is wild when I play everyone drives me crazy when I play hockey so I really get wild .My cousin ZAHRA is wild when my auntie drives her nut s .

Everything my auntie does to her she laughs wild next to me . Trust me when ever I stand next to her she still laughs .So we played wild till the last match and the winner was my team I think anyway what means a lot when you play that you have lots and lots of fun when you play.I love playing wild with my cousins and auntie wild hockey.


  1. Mom   •  

    Mom said:
    please please teach mommy how to play that game, we both have a vacation let's do it lulu.

  2. Jacqui   •  

    You guys were too noisy but it did look like fun! Especially when I was taking the pictures of you dimwits 😛

    Glad you had fun!

  3. Fattee   •  

    Wow that is so much fun!!! I am jealous.

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