Thank you jacqui

Thank you a lot for making my design staying up late at night and not sleeping till

3:00 am . I really owe you a big thanks for doing a new design and buying me a new blog.Thank you a lot over all those years passed by you did a lot for me and for your family . People should read on my blog about how much jacqui has done for us over all the years we should say a big thank you and let her enjoy 2 weeks of work . Jacqui finishes work June 19 so let those 2 weeks pass by quickly .


  1. Jacqui   •  

    Awww that’s so sweet Lujiii! I’m glad you liked it and I liked making this place feel more like home!

    I too am counting until the last day of work, let’s go to Atlantis? 😛

  2. ak.   •  

    Wow I like your post and what you wrote thank you Jacqui you helped me a lot too and everybody in the family say thanks.wish you Lujain and Jacqui good time free from your school and work. Love you Dad

  3. Fattee   •  

    Wow, how much did she pay you to write such nice things about her?! What a punk!

  4. Mom said   •  

    That’s too nice of you to say that for your older sister,hope i find the behavior to each other for life e time.
    Sure thanks to her for being our oldest son .

  5. ak.   •  

    You are my favorite you know j&f&d&n&l every one of you is the favorite .

  6. Hameedosh   •  

    Mashallah very nice design 😉

  7. L4a   •  

    This is the CUTEST thing ever
    Jacqui is great, alright. I wish I had a sister like her when I was your age!
    Well actually she did offer to adopt me but that’s totally different.
    if Jacqui adopts me you’ll be my aunt
    Coolest aunt ever!

  8. Crowsy   •  

    Very interesting post for a 9 year old girl mashallah ,, I couldn’t express my feelings when I was a 9 year old , Allah y5aleekum 7ag ba3ath .. Besides jacqui is actually one of the awesomest people that I didn’t personally meet ;D ,, looking forward too on meeting great people such as jacqui and a very lovely girl like u lujain ;D

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