My favorite game: parking dash

My favorite game to play on my iPad 2 is parking dash. How to play first Some people stand on grass. Next they have a bubble drawing of a key. It means park my car.So then If the car comes in dirty you have to scrub it before the owner of the car comes.There are maybe 42 levels in the game .Go to the app store and type in parking dash . Thats it for the the day .I will write tomorrow and I will keep you posted all day long .Also tomorrow I have a exciting post Its a secret shhhh jacqui don’t spoil it .


  1. Jacqui   •  

    My favorite Dash game is the Wedding Dash game or even the Hotel Dash they are both so awesome and nice and this one is by the same company so I am guessing it’s amazing too!

    Glad you liked it! And I like your review!

  2. Fattee   •  

    I hope those are not all the games you’re playing on your iPad and that you’re playing some games that make your brain smarter too!! Love you pumpkinpie!

  3. Lujain   •  

    Thank you jacqui and fattee for commenting on my blog

  4. Z   •  

    Lulu sar 3indaha blog walla il 3iyal kibrit! .. Good stuff Lujain 🙂 and hi jacqui!

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