I ate at Elevation Burger

Hi yesterday Jacqui and I went to Elevation Burger . I tasted the cheese burger it was delicious .   The place is located in the Avenues next to Lino’s Coffee .  We went in and stood in line to order, I got the cheese burger and Jacqui got the elevation burger  and we shared a plate of fries.  The cool thing was when they call out your names when the food finishes , and that you pay after you order your food.

Check out my short review video .


  1. Jacqui   •  

    You were right it was delicious and tasty! I am glad we went there this time instead of Johnny Rockets! Hehe remember we had to wait very long just to get our cheque when we finished? And the burgers were absolutely yummy!

    Great review!

  2. ak.   •  

    Good work Lujain eat healthy food ,you are smart girl.
    Enjoy your summer.

  3. Hameedosh   •  

    Hahaha awesome video, looks yummy 😀

  4. Butterfly Chick   •  

    Yummmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙁

    Currently I’m at work and starving lol.. The burger looks sooooooooo goooood..

    Liked the video so much ^^

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