How to make a bear

Hi , yesterday I went  to Build a Bear  workshop with my daddy   . I bought  a Hello Kitty bear at Build a bear workshop . I am going to  tell you what  I learned there .

Well  I learned  lots of stuff so  I am going to tell you, I learned how to stuff a bear with cotton. So after that   I dressed my Hello Kitty  bear in the Dressing Room a nice pretty dress . Then I went to a computer side I had to register my hello kitty pet name . My  pets name is LILO I just  thought of it then I went to the cashier where I took LILO HOME .

I just  enjoyed her she is my favorite she is so cute .I  have some pics to show you so view my blog . BYE BYE 🙂 :0 😛





  1. Jacqui   •  

    Wow that’s a lovely bear! I am glad that you went there to make your own bear since I have always wanted to make you one for your birthday I think I made you one where you were 2-3 years old or something like that I forgot hehe I just remember walking out one time with a bear for you.

    Excellent job and glad you had fun! Try to find good things to do every day 😀

  2. Mom said   •  

    That’s so cute lujain, I’ like the 5 steps you went through did you pay at step 5 or made daddy to pay for you.


  3. Nana   •  

    Hi cutie, I LOVE YOUR BEAR! I made one like it when I was your age too hehe. Enjoy it!!

  4. Noname   •  

    nice were is this?

  5. Hameedosh   •  

    Looks so neat 😉

  6. Fattee   •  

    Awww, what a cute kitty. You know how we both love kitties so much…we really should get a cat or you should make me a kitty bear!!

  7. chikapappi   •  

    Lilo, I am so gonna make one for my baby Alma it’s cute and your clothing selection is cute !

  8. Amu   •  

    Thats so cute..My niece went there the other day and got one too..

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