Last Day Of School

Well   I   Finished   school yahoo   .

No more school   for 3 months.

So you see I am excited   because   my sister    Nana  is coming home.   What we planed for the summer is to play with Barbie’s,   study all    of school subjects, and add activites   with them.   Also my sister Nana   is coming July 14, 2011 and   is leaving September 2, 2011.  This summer I am going  to have  lots and lots of fun  .  I  really cant wait till nana  comes home I am so happy  .    I have lots  and lots  of plans for the summer  Its so exciting .  I hope you enjoyed my post a lot .




  1. Jacqui   •  

    Awesome can’t wait to spend summer with you 3 and hopefully fufuwa as well

  2. ak.   •  

    اكتب لك باللغة العربية
    حتي لا تنسي القراءة
    ممكن ان تكتبي باللغة العربية يا لجين
    أتمني لك إجازة سعيدة

    • Lujain   •     Author

      thank you so much

  3. ak.   •  

    أنا بانتظار ما تكتبين لانك ذكية

  4. Fattee   •  

    Awesome. Don’t forget to keep your brain smart while you’re on summer vacation girlie!

  5. mooony   •  

    oh really my vacation is about to end 🙁

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