I met my first Fan

HI two  days ago  I  went to IKEA  with Jacquies and my nanny Effa  .

So I started  walking with jacquies and Effa  to the sofa bed section and  looked at some  sofa beds .  Then we moved around to the bookshelf area  .Then we went to the mattress pad area .  After that I  went down with jacquies and effa  to get a cart.

Suddnely  there was a lady standing with a cart and saying ‘’Excuse me are  you Lujain I said yes are you the one that has a blog I  said yes she said  My niece is  a big fan of yours,  Keep up the good work  . Then when me and juju and effa walked a way  I told juju see I Met My First Fan .


  1. Fattee   •  

    Wow! I’m so impressed (and a little jealous)!! You’re so famous now. Keep writing the good stuff!! Love you girlie.

  2. Jacqui   •  

    I was excited too when I saw that happen! That’s awesome pretty soon you will be like Selena Gomez and walking around all famous and stuff! 😛

  3. Manayer   •  

    lol 😉 very cute blog, wish you all the best! Keep it up ;D

  4. swera   •  

    nshallah you’ll grow up becoming the most amazing famous blogger 🙂

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