Shopping at the Hello Kitty store

Today I went to Avenues  with  my two sisters Jacquies   and  nana  .   So first my sister nana went with her friend to a movie called Harry potter 7 part 2.

So after me and jacquies dropped my sister nana off .  We went to have lunch at chills I had chicken crispers with honey mustard  and  juju had the country fried chicken  with corn shredded I also had corn shredded  .  We went to x-cite and looked at some couches at complete living  .  After that me and jacquies  went to Carrefour  I got  Princess Party  Volume Two  ,  Beauty and the Beast  Belle ‘  s Magical World   special edition, Wizards  of Waverly Place  The Movie   extended edition  , Hannah Montana  The  Movie with a poster inside the box . Then I went to That Al  Salasil   I bought  some Archie’s  comic books  and I also bought Princess Poppy  and Full House and friend’s   too many teddies .

Later on we went to Sanrio   I bought a mouse pad , watch charm bracelet and a bag  , calculator  .

Then  I went to  Victoria’s  casa  couture   I bought a t-shirt and leggings  the t- shirt comes with a bag .

Last but not least   I went to chocolate bar  I had the chocolate fondue  with strawberries  and bananas  and my sister nana joined us  and that’s it .


  1. Jacqui   •  

    I am glad you liked the shopping day we had at the Avenues although I don’t have anymore money now! I am also glad you like your charm bracelet now you can save up money and add charms to the bracelet.. I hope you wear it always because it’s a nice thing to have.

  2. Dad   •  

    I like you post girl
    keep the good work

  3. Nana   •  


  4. Fattee   •  

    Ooohh you spoiled girl you!! I really like the bracelet, good choice!!

  5. mooony   •  

    You really are a money spender 🙂

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