VIVA ‘s Fun Ghabga

Hi me and my sister jacqui  were invited to VIVA ghabga  on  Thursday  Aug 11 2011  it  took place at marina hotel .


We arrived at  9:45  gave our car to the vallet and headed down stairs to the restaurant where the ghabga was taking place .   First when we entered  they gave us a ticket  and then we sat down oh did I  forget to mention Swera  from crazy yet wise was with us .  We sat at a table with other bloggers  like  7ajidude , pinkgirl q8, danderma, ansam, and of course swera.

Once we sat down they started talking  and put slide show of all the blogs except mine .  Then they interviewed other people and bloggers like  Hikuwait and Omarker.

Then I got up on stage with Mic Embalt3  he interviewed me and then  they had many games with prizes of  motorola xoom and a white iphone 4 which wanted for myself but i didnt win it .   I then made 3 draws for the  big  prize which  was Manchester United 2 tickets for october .

Then we had dinner  I  ate sea food which was delicious by the way .

We left with a bag  in it  was android and some candy .


Thank  you   VIVA  for the invitation and   thank you   7ajidude for videotaping   my parts.   Check   them out   below.



My interview

The draw


  1. Mom   •  

    Wow, iam happy for you but be carefully mommy school is coming soon ,we wants same effort for you school work too. good luck for my best daughter and best friend.

  2. Jacqui   •  

    You beat me in posting this time! Only for the VIVA post but that’s because I sat with you! Good job I want you to work harder on your posts and make them as awesome as you are! 😀

  3. swera   •  

    you rocked the stage that night :*

  4. Daddy   •  

    Nice,what is next girl……love you Daddy

  5. Fattee   •  

    Do some posts about your summer and the fun things you did with your cousins before school starts! Post some pictures little lady!!!

  6. Sweetnawari   •  

    Hi Lujain I like that you went to the Ghabga and …..Really you were lucky that you are there and you had an interview I am 10 and I love your blog and I think you will like my blog at Thanks …..

  7. 7ajidude   •  

    You are more than welcome hun .. you shined the stage that night.. 7aji was so proud of you that’s why we taped every parT !:)

  8. Deema   •  

    way to go lujain I love your outfit and you look amazing with your lovely dress

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