Zain invited me to their Ghabga

Hi on tuesday  August 9 ,2011 me and my sister jacqui  were invited to  Zain ‘ s  ghabga .  We were told we can  bring guests  so   jacqui and I chose to bring  our sister and aunt.  But as we were  getting ready  they canceled  on us .

So jacqui  and I went   by  ourselves  to the ghabga  we  arrived  around  10 at  bait  al  sadu .

Once we arrived  a guy came and toke our car because it was valet  parking   and  so we went in  we found a place to sit so  a lady came  and  asked  us do you want juice there were  2  strawberry juice ‘ s   .    Jacqui  and I  took strawberry jucie  after words  I grabed ny business card s  and went to socialize like hand out business card’s .  I met  the lovely Swera from crazy yet wise,  Moody   from  Moody n   Cheeky blog,  Omarker,  Ansam,  noon,  and many more bloggers   .

Then  we headed   down to the buffet and I put food on  the plate and  left with a bag  .

Thank   you  Mohammed  for the invitation .  And thank   you  crazy    yet  wise  and moody for   letting me   borrow your pictures . And   best    of all thank  you Zain for my HTC   Sensation  which my daddy stole from me .


  1. Jacqui   •  

    Stealing pictures from all of us hehe 😛 But it’s a great post! And so sad that daddy stole your HTC Sensations at least he didn’t take the Android phone!

  2. swera   •  

    Finally u wrote about the Ghabqa 😛 steal whatever u like & it was nice meeting u too 😉

  3. Daddy   •  

    thank you Zain,sorry Lujain!
    Miss ur blog long time you didn’t post girl!

  4. Sweetnawari   •  

    Lujain oh my god.You are soo spoiled I wish i was you so that I could have a htc sensation and an anderiod phone !so spoiled !But i am spoiled alittle have an ipad 2 and a iphone 4 !

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