Back at school

I just stared school last tuesday I am in 4 th grade in 4E. My teachers name is Ms. Noronah she is a nice and very kind teacher .

Yesterday I shared my T-shirt its like a collage except its all about me and wrote about the stuff I like and pictures of it.  Some of the things that   I like  are  my favorite color is purple , My favorite food is italian pasta with mushrooms ,my favorite movie is another cinderella story and my favorite book is cinderella.

On back side I put all my baby pictures. I want to tell you something when I was a baby I was cute super duper cute .  Don’t  you     agree?


  1. Daddy   •  

    yes I agree my love you are a cute super duper cute girl !

    miss your post girl
    love you

  2. Jacqui   •  

    I loved the collage you made it looks great and I’m so glad that you are loving 4th Grade..

    Please tell us more, you know that I don’t see you every day since I come home from work when you are asleep so please post what you did at school on your blog that would be awesome! 😀

  3. swera   •  

    make sure to concentrate more on ur studies & leave ur blog for the weekends . . . best of luck cute pie 🙂

  4. dano   •  

    hi pumpkin,
    i wish you showed us what you wrote…. i tried to read it BUT MY EYES ARE NO LONGER WORKING! ;P
    THEY twitch from my cold ;P

    love you,
    keep up the good work
    dont forget to make me a welcome home banner !!!! 😛

  5. F   •  

    You are cute but you are more sneaky…post about one new thing you learned at school each week. I’m sure you could teach a lot of us something because you’re such a smart girl!! Love u little one.

  6. Deema   •  

    I really enjoyed your presentation Lujain! Your voice was loud and clear and I was happy that you put my picture and I put your picture on my poster too.

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  8. Lujain   •  

    Hiya! love your site ….You are sooo cute , ur blog is also quite cute too ,
    Hey!! My name is Lujain too ( obviously written above )….
    just love the cute light colors of this blog , it all goes well together ,,
    Rock on , girl!!

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