About Yesetrday

Hi everybody want to tell you what I did yesterday. So yesterday  I went to my grandmas house  while I was sick. So when I arrived I said hi to everybody then I went to my baby cousin Lulwa I said Hi Lulwa . Then  we shacked hands and gave  each other high  fives  . Later on we started having lunch and so I ate little  then my baby cousin Lulwa her mom came down with her brother  Salman   .  Right then  after a second you turn around and everybody is  rushing to go see Baby  Salman  and well they start picking him up   so everybody  lined  up  like my  Auntie, jacquies,  Salman s dad  which also is Lulwas  dad  was lined up and many more people . Then I went running off  to my cousins well girl cousins then  we  played  Teachers  , So it was 4:30 and then jacquies came in the room and  said lets go home then I said okay . Then me and jacquies left she told me how about we go to  X-cite  and so I said okay  and off we go . We arrived it didn’t take us a while cause its near our house. Anyway ‘s  we went up stairs  and jacqui got her self a screen protecter for her  Iphone 4 and I got a spongebob   sandwich maker .


  1. Jacqui   •  

    That’s a nice full day! I hope you feel better.

    I want to see how a toast made by the Spongebob Sandwich maker looks like 😀

  2. Daddy   •  

    Love you and your nice work

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