I stole my dads iPhone 4S and reviewed it

3 weeks ago I stole my dads iPhone 4S to review it and to tell you  I was really tired and didn’t  feel like doing it . First my sister took a video of me  and I messed up a little bit  with pronouncing words  . Next my sister edited the review  I made and  added some music  and pics of Steve Jobs . Finally my sister jacqui  published my review on youtube  and I hope  I get more views than 14  and enjoy watching my video about the  iPhone 4S bye bye.



  1. Jacqui   •  

    That’s awesome! You beat me to the iPhone 4S reviews! 😛

  2. Daddy   •  

    Ok you have to do more work Lujain , I like your post girl.
    Love you
    Dad from New York

  3. F   •  

    Nice video girl!

    Keep posting…..I love to read them!

  4. Lujain   •  

    aww, soo cute ,, girl!

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