My Dad is gone yaaay

So nov 6,2011 my dad traveld at 10:00 but me and  jacquies took him at 7:00  and we chatted with him in the car  . Well all we did  was get out of the car and stand next to the side walk and gave him a hug and said ”good bye daddy ” .

Then I went home and  actually slept cause  I was really tired  and layed down in bed relaxing thats all I did  but wait  I have  another  post  called   BBQ Eid at grandmas house . See you later in the next post .


  1. Daddy   •  

    Funny, I want to see next post.
    Love you
    Dad from New York

  2. Jacqui   •  

    I was so tired didn’t feel like going in and having breakfast with daddy plus it was a busy day at the airport.

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