Going to the eye doctor and Geting glasses

Hi so dec 6 ,2011  I went to get   my eyes checked . So it took place in international  CLINiC  I went  with @jacquies and my dad  it was around  12:00 thats when I went in to the eye doctor . First  i entered  in and said hi My doctors name is Dr.Abdulsamad  he said hi  by the way Jacqui and my dad were  inside with me . So next I immediately went to the chair where  I was supposed to be .  So then the  Dr. Abdulsamad  shut the lights  off   checked my eye’s inside  and gave me a regular  eye  test . After wards  I had to say if this frame is clear or the other frame is clear . Then Dr. abdulsamad put me  eye drops  and I had to keep my eye closed for 20 seconds  later on  Dr. Abdulsamad put me another eye drop for both eye’s this eye drop  makes me  not see anything close clearly till the next  morning  after a while I had to wait outside  then go back in  and get my eye’s checked again .

So  after that Dr. Abdulsamad told me I need to get  glasses .I went back home waited  till international optics opened and  I went with Jacqui after she came back  from work .

So we  arrived and went to kids international boutique   and tried on millons of glasses till I found this shiny black ,yellow , and purple  glasses  so I tried it on it wasn’t bad  at all it  was a light pair of glasses  .



The next day I went to pickup my glasses  which was yesterday  I was excited I tried them on  and came back home ate dinner and slept .


  1. Jacqui   •  

    I’m glad you had fun, I am also glad I documented the whole thing on my iPhone 😛 Because in the future I will show you exactly what happened when we got you to wear your glasses hehe 😛 Isn’t it cool?!

    Anyways wear them only as the doctor said and they look beautiful on you! 😀

  2. swera   •  

    looking hawt lady! seriously, u r cutter than ever! 🙂 becareful with ur sight! dont sit infront of the computer for a long time!

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