Breakfast at MILK

Hi so DEC 22,2011 I went to milk to have breakfast  with my sisters @jacquies @danuoon @crazyyetwise and fufu.  While we  were on our way it was very crowded we couldn’t  find a parking spot and we were late so  @crazyyetwise  saved us a table inside milk .

We started to order our breakfast  fufu  ordered    Manchego Scrambled Egg   Jacqui ordered  Sunny Side up.  My dish was scrambled eggs with cheese  Danuoon ordered  Nutella Crepes  cause she is a Nutella  freak. The best part was that I tried their hot chocolate with milk and you dissolve  the spoon with the solid chocolate in to the hot milk  Jacqui had orange juice  Swera  Crazyyetwise  had The milk with saffron .

The  best part of my morning was  when a fan came up to my table and” said are you lujaintalks  I said yes  I am lujaintalks  and she said I am a huge fan of you ” . After wards  I left milk with danuoon and fufu to go to home and well  there was  a car accident and it took us about an hour and half to come back home . DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE OR DON’T CALL AND DRIVE .

Thanks @sherifalqassar







  1. Jacqui   •  

    Very yummy breakfast! Glad you liked it!

  2. Momo   •  

    Woooow that’s great hope ya enjoy ur meal

  3. sherifalqassar   •  

    np anytime ;D i hope one day i’ll be a blogger you and your sisters

  4. swera   •  

    u’re a famous person now e7m e7m sh3aleeeech :*

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