BBQ Eid at grandmas house

So nov 6,2011  at exactly 12:00  I went to my grand mas house and ate lunch guess what there were for lunch  there  were  chicken BBQ legs and  beef ribs and also shrimps and kebab on a stick BBQ .  I had 2 chicken BBQ legs  and 2 Beef  Ribs  and salad with pepsi in a glass. We had the BBQ outside  with all my family members which was nice like all my ,cousins my uncles ,my aunts  and my grandma . I really enjoyed the BBQ for Eid at my grandmas house and I also  rode my bike with my cousins which was really fun we had  competitions and races for who rode fast . That was an amazing day and enjoyable  bye bye see you later after my dinner.


  1. Jacqui   •  

    The BBQ was absolutely amazing and yummy!

  2. Sweetnawari   •  

    YUMMY…Even though you didn’t put any pictures you did make me hungry (xD) ! Well written Lujain I LOVED it ! 😀

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