What I did on Nov 25!

Today I went  out to bariq. I went to  center point I bought a few T- shirt ‘s. Then I went  up  in center point  in the baby section to buy for  jacqui’s  friend . After I finished I went to Pizza Hut  My sister  ordered  for  us 1 small veggie pizza and 1 chicken wings and 1 salad . The salad  has Potato ,Corn ,Tomato ,Coleslaw ,and cucumber . Next I went to boots while we were walking I saw Starbucks . Finally we went  to our car   . Next  I went  to jacqui’s  friend ‘s  house  and stayed till 8:00pm. I played  with jacqui’s friend’s brother  we went down stair’s  with a nanny  and I  played on the trampoline and  many more things . How  I felt  today was happy, very happy and I really enjoyed  my day because I got to play more than I usually  played. I had  so much fun  than I usually had on Nov 25,2011.

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  1. Jacqui   •  

    It was a nice full day of fun I’m glad you enjoyed your time 😀

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