My Birthday on Feb 5 2012

Hi So two weeks ago was my birthday on the 5th of February.   I celebrated my birthday   in my grandmas house  with my cousins.  My cake was chocolate and vanilla   and was from Sable.


The design  was  a picture of me   and pictures of me when   I was in second grade.  It was delicious.




My cousins sang me Happy birthday then suddenly my cousins came to me with money in their   hand giving me the money as my gift.  And my auntie gave me a jewelry factory that was by Disney’s princesses and you  could make  bracelets,  necklaces,   and earrings.  I loved it  and enjoyed my day.


But,   that’s not all as  on the day before my birthday  my Daddy came back from New York with my  other birthday presents   one of them was from    Jacqui which was a Kindle Touch  that I loved and wanted.




On  the 11th of February  my friend Deema gave me 10  awesome presents which included:   greeting cards, crazerasers,  fairy mirror chest,  manicure set,  cupcake coin  bank, dress up doll set, fashion  lightbox  design set, an apron,  and comfy slippers.






Thank you my   amazing family and Deema for these awesome gifts,   I really really love them so much!!!


  1. ahmed jero   •  

    I know its late , but Happy B-Day Lujain 🙂 , i wish you long happy life

    you look like you had a lot of fun ;p

  2. swera   •  

    Happy Birthday sweetie :* awesome years to come nshallah 😀

  3. Jacqui   •  

    Happy Birthday Cow Face! I’m glad you liked your Kindle, please use it wisely and READ MORE! 😛

    I loves you pumpkin!

  4. Triple sisters   •  

    lil teacher : happy birthday LoLo 😉 mestansa ench bnafss youm 3edmelady :*

  5. Dad   •  

    Happy BD girl love you and will miss you see you March 12 when i come back from NYC.

  6. Dudette   •  

    Happy belated Birthday LAjoooona :*** LOL jacquie be nice! what did u get her btw?:P

  7. Dudette   •  

    Oh just saw ur gift from jacquies never mind .. Cute :P!

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