Diet Care Gift Basket

So at 10:00 in the morning I went to the bathroom brushed my teeth and then I came down and I saw 2 gift baskets and 1 was for me and the other was for jacqui .

IMG 1293

So I had breakfast after I finished my breakfast I opened my gift basket from diet care there about  8 sandwiches 2 puddings 1 strawberry the other one is vanilla and under them is granola i think. Also in the gift basket the last thing that I forgot to tell you that there is a piece of dark chocolate cake and the design is the kuwaiti flag .Thats what i was so shocked about so enjoy your day .

IMG 1296

IMG 1292


Thank you Dareen & Diet Care.


  1. Jacqui   •  

    Wow that looks lovely, it’s an amazing post hope you had fun.

  2. Nana   •  

    yummy, did the dark chocolate taste good?

  3. Reem   •  

    Interesting gift!

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