Swimming pool

Hi everybody  this is the post I promised you and you all have been waiting for is my swimming pool  so me an my dad went to ace two weeks ago and  saw a swimming pool it was 4by4 something and I told my dad look there is a swimming pool  .

My dad called my mom and told her to tell the nannies to measure the swimming pool and well guess what my dad gets a call back that the swimming pool I want  fits in to my swimming pool so I got the pool and bought  a few  things like goggles , 2 kick boards , inflatable dolphin ,2 balls ,life jacket, an aqua lounge it’s a floating flat chair ,and many more things I forgot.

Anyways enough with the chit chat I love having a swimming pool it is because when ever you feel tired you just take a swim and you are all better especially this time of the year which is summer .


  1. Jacqui   •  

    The best thing about this swimming pool within a swimming pool is that I get to have a break from someone asking me “What should I do, I’m bored!” 😛 And you know who you are! 😛

  2. 906 The City   •  

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  3. swera   •  

    hehe a swimming pool within a swimming pool, how cool is that 🙂

    enjoy ur swimming dear :*

  4. iMaGiNaTiOn   •  

    Wow I’m impressed .. This is a whole new idea to me. Enjoy it dear

  5. F   •  

    AWw you look like a little dolphin.

  6. Nana   •  

    Aww, so much fun! But you guys should really start filling up the pool!! It’ll be more fun! ;p

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