Fashion Day

Hello everybody because school has ended and summer has begun I have decided to write a post every single day and saturdays theme will now be fashion saturday . So for the summer you can start your own matching fashion trend and I will tell you what to wear to make your own fashion trend . You should wear a short sleeve shirt the color for the shirt I would recommend  is red with dark blue jeans and purple high heels or toms but some shoe that is purple .Now lets move on to a hairstyle well the hair style should be curled hair no earrings and well add a necklace and you are ready to show off your beautiful fashion trend.



  1. Jacqui   •  

    Oh my god! This is the cutest thing ever! Khalas tomorrow I will wear this hehe!

  2. Daddy   •  

    Nice post lulu

  3. Daddy   •  

    Nice post girl I like it

  4. F   •  

    3eshtaw, since when do you have such great fashion sense? How about you pose in some young girl fashion and take pics and tell young girls what they should be wearing in the summer? You can do like Fashion Friday posts. Isn’t that such a good idea?!

  5. Nana   •  

    Ooo I like Fatima’s idea it sounds good! I can’t wait to come back so we can go shopping!! (Make a copy of Mom or Dad’s credit card hehehe so we can go wild!)

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