How to make a strawberry smoothie

Hey everybody Today I  will tell you  about how to make a strawberry smoothie . So let’s start by going to sultan center and  grab frozen strawberries  or mangoes this recipe can work for both then grab milk . After that you should grab lemon and vanilla sugar and last but not least yogurt  . Now lets get started get your blender out  pour 1 cup of milk , 1 packet of strawberries or mangoes  , half a lemon squeezed ,1 cup of yogurt   , 1 t  spoon of vanilla sugar .  Now you turn on the blender and after that you have a strawberry smoothie or mango I tasted both and they were so delicious . So enjoy it and try it please and now i will show you pics .                         


  1. Daddy   •  

    Wow this one of my favorite posts girl I like it keep writing good stuff !

  2. Jacqui   •  

    Interesting so that’s how you make a smoothie!

  3. Nana   •  

    Oh wow that looks delicious!!! Downstairs from my apartment there’s a yogurt shop that sells Mango smoothies and they taste just like the ones from near Mohalab Mall!!! I’m sure your smoothie tastes 10x better!!! Can’t wait to try it! You will be my smoothie maker!

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