Monday Crafts

Hey Everybody from now on Mondays theme will be craft’s . When you are bored or feel like you have nothing to do you can just craft  meaning you can draw,paint,or make necklaces,and bracelets. So you should spend more time crafting because you can do many things and learn new things with crafting you can sew Dresses,Jeans,and shirts. Did you know that crafting  is a fun and creative thing to do when you are tired you could just craft . If you are a teenager and want to have a job you should start making your on dresses and sell them . My favorite craft is  sewing are you wondering why well   it is because I like doing stuff myself and instead of buying I could make my own jacket or favorite shirt but also crafting is a bit hard because you have to get all the fabric and stuff so I hope you enjoyed todays post.


  1. Jacqui   •  

    Interesting I want to see what you do and the steps you take to do those crafts!

  2. Daddy   •  

    عجيب والله عجيب

  3. F   •  

    Post pics of some of the headband crafts you’ve made at Aunties!!

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