Book Review: How Greg Hefley went to Hollywood

Hi everybody now every single tuesday I will  have  a book review  and my book review  today will be about diary of a wimpy kid .

I will be telling you a short summary of how greg heffley went to hollywood . Did you know that Zack Gordon played the  role of greg heffley in the movie also  Robert Caperon  played the role of Rowley Jefferson . I have question well not really a question  did you know that I myself read about 6 of the diary of a wimpy kid books .

I would really like to meet the author of the diary of wimpy kid books . Why you ask? Well its because  the  book want’s me to read more and more of the book and I feel like the diary of a wimpy kid is me writing in the diary . I got the diary of a wimpy kid during april 11 , 2012 and well by that time, I was reading book 2 and then I read 3,4,5,6. I  kept on holding that precious book and  I really really loved I just couldn’t put the book down .

Anyways did you know that  in november 2012 they will release diary of a wimpy kid book 7 see you later aligator.


  1. Daddy   •  

    Enjoy your vacation girl

  2. Jacqui   •  

    Wow that’s an interesting book, I don’t know what the series is about so why don’t you tell me what book 1 is about and so forth? Looking forward to read that.

  3. F   •  

    Who is your favorite character in the book?

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