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Hello Everybody today i will teach you about  how to use  a faster way to multiply it is called latice method . The latice Method is an easy way of multiplying like for example 48 *  38   you would draw a square  cut into 4 pieces and draw long dotted lines then on the top of the square write 48  then on the right side of the square you  right  38 .  Then you start to solove  8 * 3 =24      8 * 8 = 64     4* 3 = 12     4 * 8 =32 . Afterwards you start adding the numbers like  2 + 6+4= 12 and stuff like that and then finally you get your answer.  Their will be a picture I used from as an example  but not the exact  same as the problem but this how it looks  .      The latice method of how it is used this is what it looks like bye bye enjoy your day hope you liked the post . 

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  1. Jacqui   •  

    Interesting you have to show me how it’s done!

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