Creative sunday stories

Once upon a time there was woman  named lujaintalks who everybody knows she is popular she loves books,blogging ,drawing painting,cooking,gardening, and   many more things . One day lujain was working at the hospital and suddenly their was a knock on the door of her office and well guess who it  was it was  a huge vacation for 4 months off and discount on any store she wanted and  Lujaintalks was allowed to buy stuff for free. suddenly she felt she was dreaming and   couldn’t believe what was happening then she started screaming out loud and was so happy that she left work early and was just super happy . So then after the 4 months of vacation  she was happy to be back to work and was cheerful . Then lujaintalks lived happily after . So now you understand that this woman was well stressed at work and suddenly she got a huge vacation and she was happy that it made her day so i hope you understood this story .


  1. Jacqui   •  

    Does this mean you are happy for summer vacation because you finished School?! 😛

    See I know you!

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