[ Al Zeebel] : by young talented Sarah Al thekair

Hello everybody a few days ago Sarah al thekair has contacted me about her new project on Al Zeebel  which is basiclly a girge’an  gift basket which is pretty cool for a 17 year old girl I will tell you more about in a few with lots and lots of information .


I’m a 17 year old girl that loves our culture and traditions! To make girge’an more exciting I’ve created a non profit business that sells ‘الزبيل’  in different sizes! All profits goes to charity!  I’d love to send you pictures so you could spread the word about my project!

Thank you so much,

Sarah H. Al Thekair

Now I will give you a description what she said but in my own words so  This girl named Sarah H . Al Thekair  who is a 17 year old girl who happened to make Al zeebel  . Which is a non profit business that sells الزبيل’ that comes in different sizes and all the profits go to charity which is nice  . So now I will leave you with the pictures bye bye enjoy this post .

Be sure to contact her on the following channels.

SMS Only: 97725732

Instagram: @Alzebeel

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