New Year, New Goals

Hi people out there,

I am sorry I didn’t  write for a while because I was too busy with school. This year I was busy with school because  5th grade is hard work. We have a lot of homework’s and tests. Some of the things I like doing are science projects. I have also been working hard in math. We  learned fractions, partial quotients, and division.

Now I am on winter vacation and I have more time to write on the blog. I have more time to spend with my family and friends. I had a sleepover party this week with my cousins. We had a coloring book that my sister made for us  full of crafting projects like decorating a xmas tree, snowman, and other things.

decorating a xmas tree

decorating a xmas tree

Afterwards my aunt invited us to a tea party up stairs. We had hot chocolate instead of tea and some chocolate cupcakes. Later on we did manicures and pedicures. At night we made movie tickets and some play money for our snack bar so we could buy snacks for our movie night. It was so much fun selling our snacks. I got to be the cashier!

our movie treats

our movie treats

our snack bar cash register

our snack bar cash register












Today I decided to make new goals for the new year  especially with blogging. I want to have a schedule for writing on my blog and studying for school at the same time.  So, how many times per week do you guys and girls want me to post?  


Happy New Year everyone!




  1. F   •  

    Cool, glad to have you back posting. We missed you!

  2. Jacqui   •  

    Welcome back little one, you’ve been missed! I too have been a bad blogger but mostly because I am tied up with work and all that jazz. Let’s make it our new year’s resolution to blog more often this year. I wanna put a goal to post at least 30 posts a month. And hopefully I will achieve it.

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