My Favorite Things: Ugg Slippers

Hello everyone,

I have decided to post about my favorite things. This means that I will write about some of my favorite things like the products I use and wear. I will review these things so that it can give you a better idea of them.

My first favorite things post will be reviewing a product called Ugg slippers.

ugg dakota slipper

Ugg Dakota slipper

The slipper has lots of fur inside. It is made from real lamb fur, surprising huh? The origin of Uggs are from Australia but this product was made in Vietnam. I know because I found this information in the box that my shoes came in.  On the Ugg website the slippers cost $100. They have many sizes and colors. One thing I like about these slippers is that they fit perfectly. I like to use my slippers during the winter because they are so warm and cozy to walk  in. It feels like I am walking on snow.

I recommend these slippers  because they are so comfortable to walk in. Your toes won’t hurt you, I guarantee it. I always feel relaxed wearing them. I recommend them because I have a pair of these slippers and the color I have is Pewter which is like a gray color in the picture above.

So if you are thinking about buying some new winter shoes, I recommend buying the Ugg Dakota slipper.



  1. Jacqui   •  

    Nice recommendation.. they look cool and glad you liked them!

  2. F   •  

    Do you prefer your Ugg slippers or your Ugg boots for the winter time and why?

    • Lujain   •     Author

      Ugg slippers because they are much comfortable.

  3. deema   •  

    amazing I also agree that there comfortable

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