School Update : Science

Have you ever wondered what  pre teens like me learn in school ? Well it’s your lucky day because I will tell you  about what I learned in science. I learned about water evaporation.

Did you know that if you 40 ml in 2 cups that they would be balanced? If you somehow happen to put a lid on one of these cups they will not be equal at all. This is because the cup with no lid’s  water  evaporated into the atmosphere. Evaporation is when water changes state from liquid to gas so it looks like it disappeared but it’s still in the atmosphere.

Here are the steps of how water evaporates. First, the energy from the sun heats up the water. Second, the heat causes the water in the ocean to  evaporate from a liquid to a vapor into the clouds.  Third, the water condenses into the clouds. After that it precipitates which means it turns back into liquid state and that is when it starts to rain. Finally the  water goes back into the ground.

Learning about evaporation at school helped me to understand how it rains. I am surprised that you don’t need a lot of wind to make rain because I used to think that you needed to have wind for it to rain. But sometimes when it does storm there is a lot of wind.

I hope you guys learned something new with me today.



  1. F   •  

    I love this post Lujain. I hope you do more school updates so you can remind us of what we learned in school! ;-D

  2. Jacqui   •  

    This is a well-informed post and something that could help other kids out there who are studying this! I like these kinds of posts you should do more of them! And give us secret magic tricks to do well in school! 😀

  3. Dalal   •  

    Good luck in school Lujain! <3

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