School Update: Spanish Explorers

Hey Everyone,

This week in school we are learning about Spanish explorers and every one of us got to choose an explorer. The explorer I chose is Hernando Cortes.

In case you didn’t hear about Hernando Cortes,  I will use this post to show you the poster that I made and share some information about this Spanish explorer.


Other parts of my poster

Other parts of my poster

Hernando Cortes

    Born: 1485

    Died: December 2,1547

    Age: About 61-62 years old

    Nationality: Castilian

   Occupation: Conquistador,explorer

   Children: 3 daughters,1 son



I will share with you some of the paragraphs that I wrote for my poster.


Other parts of my poster

This is other parts of my poster


Hernando Cortes wore a shiny armor. He also carried a gun and he had a horse to ride. If  you wonder why he wore a shiny armor, well it is to protect him while he is fighting  the Aztecs.


Hernando Cortes ate salted pork and cassava bread. Why these foods? Beacuse these types of foods are dry and do not spoil quickly and make good travel food.

Reasons for  Exploring

Hernando Cortes started exploring beacuse he was inspired by other explorers like Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci. Spain sent Hernando to find gold and land on his first day.


Hernando Cortes rode a ship on his exploration. On the boat were over  500 soliders that were  there to help Hernando Cortes on his journey .


That’s all! I hope you enjoyed this post and learned something new.


  1. Jacqui   •  

    Interesting stuff, what else did you find out about Cortes

  2. F   •  

    Good post. I enjoyed making the flag with you and I think that your poster looks great!

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