TMSY: School Picture Week

Dear Blog-airy,

Today was the last day of the school picture week,I had so much fun that I wished that it would continue on forever.It all began last sunday morning as I picked out a colorful outfit which was not my navy school uniform.We took our individual photos that afternoon. As I was sitting quietly  waiting for my turn I saw my classmates getting ready by checking their reflection through the mirror. The girls were touching up the lip gloss and the boys were checking their hair. I thought to myself “does my hair look fine do I need to go up there and check on my self?” Right before it was my turn I had a chance to go up there and touch up my lip gloss and fix my hair.  In short , it was a fun day.

The next 3 days we had free dress day as well,  it felt so cool to be going to school in style .Of course that meant pairing a cool top to go with my favorite jeans as it was more comfortable to be in pants,and easier to carry my heavy bag.

The days flew by and Thursday was here, it was 6 grade class picture day . We were supposed to have our pictures taken at 7:15 am but for a misunderstanding an email was sent from the Principal saying that today was makeup individual picture day and my class did not show up for the class picture. We continued on with our day and as I walked into my Language Arts class we heard an announcement over the speakers telling us that a class picture re-take will be happening at 12 pm behind the nurse’s office . We immediately headed out to go take the class picture and once we got there everyone was assigned a place to stand ,I was told to stand on one of the benches in the back with a couple of friends.

Standing there on that bench was pure torture as benches aren’t sturdy enough to hold all our weights . I felt squished,wobbly,and terrified while i stood there with my friends.

Click !  Click ! ( The camera flashed )

“Turn to the right,” said the camera man,  “Turn to the left ” said the camera man .  Then a second later “1…2…3… Cheeeeeese” said everybody.

Click! Click! Click !

Pictures were taken and it was time to head back to class. The rest of the day was uneventful, except for the part where my shoe decided to break down on me.  I had to tape it and glue it back together which was annoying and walking around with tape on your shoe is quite weird and noisy.  A few hours later and the day was over. And that blog-dairy was my school picture week.  Have you ever seen something like this before?

Xo xo,

Miss Talks (aka Lujain Talks)


  1. Najeebah   •  

    Aww, you taped your shoe up?! Send me pictures!

  2. Jacqui   •  

    We had awesome picture days back in the day, we would take two pictures. One was the “serious” one and we’d be all polite and everything and the next picture would be “goofy” and funny and we’d just do funny stuff. I should show you my class pictures one day.

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