Summer Travel: The Trip to Dubai

Most of you have probably wondered, what I have done with my summer, did I travel or just stay in Kuwait?  Well I am going to tell you where i went and what I did.  This summer I mostly stayed in Kuwait because my sister Najeebah came back from the US during the end of July. So we were all so excited to see her since the last time we saw her was last summer so it has been almost a year since the last time.  A few days after Najeebah was back my mother asked both her and I whether we would like to go to Dubai for a short getaway trip.  My sister and I hurriedly said yes, a few days later we packed our bags and prepared ourselves for the trip.

The day of our travel we got up at 8:00AM, got dressed and had our father drop us off at the airport.  The moment we landed in Dubai we were hit with a blast of humidity and heat, once we picked up our luggage, which was done very quickly since we only had three carry-ons, we took a taxi cab and headed to the Kempinski Hotel which is located in the Mall of Emirates.  We checked in, freshened up and headed downstairs to the mall to have lunch.


Day 2 of our trip was spent shopping in a new mall called “Dragon Mart”, where my sister, mother, and I spent some money to buy new dresses and caftans (dara3a’s) and other stuff.  Once we finished all the shopping we headed upstairs to the food court and got us some Kabab and rice which my mother and sister Jumana (Jacqui) kept on raving that this is the best Kabab ever.  Since we were tired we placed the order for take-away and headed back to the hotel to eat it. My mother decided to take a short nap while my sister Najeebah and I headed down to the mall to shop.  My sister bought a couple of t-shirts while I only bought a purse.  We later headed to the food court and grabbed ourselves a small dinner which we ended up eating in our hotel room while watching TV.

Day 3 of our trip we decided to tackle the day early by having breakfast at iHop, while my mom made a short trip back to “Dragon Mart” to grab things she forgot the last time.  My sister and I headed down to the pool, where we sat in a place that had shade because it was so sunny and we could not find our suntan lotion.  I decided to go into the pool while my sister sat on the chairs watching out for me.   While we were still at the pool we ordered lemonade and stayed there for about 2 hours and a half. By 3 pm my sister and I headed back to the hotel.  I  showered and changed into my outfit and then blow dried my hair. Najeebah and I  headed down to the Cheesecake Factory for some lunch and afterwards we went to some shops that my sister wanted to see and so we finished headed back to the hotel. Since my mom and sister were so tired and did not feel like going back to the mall to grab some dinner I ordered for myself room service since that is what they told me to do. The food arrived I watched TV and had my dinner and then slept at 10 because the next day we had to get up at 8:00 am so we have some breakfast and check out of the hotel.

Day 4 the last day of our trip we woke up and called room service for some breakfast.  We ate, then got dressed, checked out of the hotel by 12:30 PM, went to the airport and checked in 2 bags.  We boarded the plane and it took off on time and we landed in Kuwait about 3:45 PM. My dad picked us up and we headed  back to the house.

That was the end of my exciting and fun trip.

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