My 13th Birthday

On the 5th of February, 2015 I  officially became a teenager (Woohoo)!!!!! I was super excited to turn 13 I had been waiting for my 13th birthday for about 3 years now since I turned 10.  Well, unfortunately, I had to go to school and actually work on my birthday, but at least I got to celebrate it with my friends. I had a fun day at school with my friends we laughed and talked and just enjoyed ourselves at school. That same day at night, once I got home from school and finished my homework  one of my sisters surprised me by taking me  to my favourite Sushi restaurant, Wasabi ( If you’ve never been you should go it’s so delicious). So we got there and had a lovely dinner and I got a very nice and sweet  birthday call from my Aunt and cousins who wished me a Happy Birthday. When I got home, my sister got out a birthday cake that she bought and put candles on it and we celebrated my birthday. Also before doing that, I got my second ear piercing on both of my ears after dinner. To be honest with you, it really didn’t hurt that much it only hurt for like 10 minutes and then the pain went away. I am obsessed with it but unfortunately one of my ear’s had an infection so I had to let both of them close up so that I can re pierce them again soon 🙂 .

My New Piercing

My New Piercing

But any who back to celebrating my birthday at home with my family, I had a great time with  my sisters, Mom, and Dad and we all sat down and took a bite of the cake afterwards once I finished blowing out the candles. I also opened gifts and stuff , one of my gifts was given to me before my birthday and was the iPhone 6 (Thanks Mom, Dad, and J). I absolutely love it and got the color in Gold which is just stunning. Since turning 13, life has been great. I made a lot of good friends with whom I am very close with and I traveled to Orlando over the Spring Break in April (post about that coming soon) and I just am enjoying life and everything. The day after my Birthday I met with 2 of my very close friends and we went to this Nail Salon called Marshmallows Spa ( you should check them out their really great) it’s located across  from AUK. But back to what I was talking about I went and got my nails and hair done with 2 of my close friends, my sisters, and aunt. Afterwards we went to Johnny Rockets in the same place that Marshmallows is and we had some lunch. I guess one of my sisters told the waiters it was my Birthday since they came to the table that my friends and I were sitting in and  bring this delicious molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream on top and started singing Happy Birthday to me.

My Cake

My cake that my family got me

My 13th birthday turned out to be a blast. I love how i just got together with 2 of my friends and we celebrated my birthday and had fun. Well my 14th Birthday is coming up soon so excited for that and planning on going to a place that I really wanted to go to for a long time will tell you all about that then. So yeah I hope you guys all liked this post and hope you all keep on reading. On a complete other note I wanted to say that I want to set a goal for this website and until the end of this year post at least 25 posts ( It’s a lot I know and i myself think that I may not be able to continue posting frequently but who knows I may just complete that goal). If I reach this goal by the end of the year then it would be a great achievement for me.Thanks for reading my blog see you soon.


Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

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