Goodbye Middle School & Hello High School

On Wednesday May 25 my school decided to host a promotion ceremony which is a graduation that is for the end of middle school. Of course, everyone was excited to attend and be done with middle school. But Sadly after the ceremony we still have final exams to complete so we aren’t done with middle school just yet. Any who back to where we were so the day of the ceremony I decided to not go to school and go to the salon to get my hair and nails done. Now I know what you are all thinking Lujain why didn’t you go to school you should have went but I didn’t miss anything important so it was totally fine. The same morning of my ceremony I headed to Marshmallows Nail Spa (the best of all nail spas that I have been to) at around 11am. I had my nails and toe nails painted a lovely nude-ish color, for those of you wondering it was “Topless and Barefoot” by Essie ( only one of the best color’s it’s amazing how elegant and classy it looks). The hair style that I chose was nice lovely big waves that added a bit of volume to my hair. After spending about 3 hours at the salon ( I know it took that long but I mean the results were amazing those waves were my favorite) I headed back home and had some lunch and then started to get ready for the event. The ceremony didn’t start until 6:00pm but I had to be there by 5:30pm, so I started getting ready at 2:30pm. I took a nice 15 minute shower and got ready, by 3pm I had already had my dress on ( it was a beautiful long-sleeved pink and nude-ish laced color dress). Then I put on some makeup and headed out the door to go and pickup one of my friends so that we could go together.Image_2

My friend and I got to school at 5:30 and we met up with all the other students in the library. The ceremony started at 6pm it all started to feel real once we were walking through the door. I couldn’t believe that come this fall I will become a high schooler.  The ceremony was nice and enjoyable there were speeches given by some students and faculty. My family was there and were so proud that I graduated middle school and that I also had received a presidential silver award signed by Barack Obama himself. I couldn’t even believe it that I had gotten the award. Once the ceremony was over I went home with my family had some dinner then went to bed. Of course it didn’t help that it was a school night and I had to attend school the next day. Woke up the next morning feeling super exhausted and guess what about half the students did not attend school. I felt like an idiot being there but I got to do exam review with my teachers (yay) 🙁  Can’t believe that I am almost done middle school I finish on June 5 and just have the last day of finals and then its over. Summer here we come after that high school (oh what a joy that will be ). Till then enjoy your summer everyone I will be back soon with new posts during the summer. 🙂

Love, Miss Talks xoxoxoxo

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